Abortion Kit

Abortion Kit

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Abortion kit, a brief description

What is abortion kit?

Medicines, that are responsible to terminate an unwanted  pregnancy, are known as aborting medicines and Abortion kit is also a combination of that kind of medicines. It is used to end up an early pregnancy. Sometimes in life, while having sex, precautions are not used or forget due to heavy sensations like; condoms, etc., then unwanted pregnancy occurs. This unwanted pregnancy becomes a burden on the ladies, because of several reasons as she may be unmarried girl, a widow woman, weak in health or financial weak. Abortion kit, which is the safest way to remove early pregnancy. The Abortion kit is the absolute way to eradicate pregnancy aged maximum up to 8 weeks.

Ways, how Abortion kit works?

The Abortion kit (MTP KIT)contains two types of medicines that are used to abort an undesired pregnancy. The Abortion kit is a very popular product as mentioned, it has two kinds of medicines, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The way of taking is very simple. According to the doctors, Mifepristone is to be taken first. Mifepristone is the first tablet, which blocks the flow of hormone called ‘Progesterone’ towards the uterus. Mifepristone pill is taken orally with water. Progesterone supplies essential nutrients to the fetus in the womb. Inactivity of the progesterone causes the hunger of the fetus in the womb and when the fetus in the womb does not get the essential food, it dies. Dead fetus gets separated from the walls of the womb. After 24 to 48 hours, it is advised to take misoprostol tablets orally or by the vaginal way as there are four Misoprostol tablets in the abortion kit. The job of misoprostol is to get the dead fetus out of the womb, which starts with cramping and bleeding. The bleeding makes the uterus empty. The bleeding may be very heavy. The bleeding will start like your menstrual. After that, your womb will be as clean as it was before pregnancy. You can buy abortion kit online at cheap price with fast shipping in USA and UK.

Effectiveness of Abortion kit?

Abortion kit is an effective solution for 8 weeks pregnancy. If the pregnancy is more than 8  weeks, then it is risky to apply kit. It is not advised to apply Abortion kit if you have more than 8 weeks pregnancy. Abortion pills are cent percent solution for 8 weeks pregnancy only. The pregnancy days can be counted from your last menstrual.

Preventions while applying Abortion kit

  • The Abortion kit is only for the unwanted pregnancy, which is not more than eight weeks, so do not apply abortion pills kit if your pregnancy is older than eight weeks. It may harmful for your health.
  • The Abortion kit is only for the females, which are 18 to 35 years of age. Avoid the use of abortion pills if you are not in that category.
  • Breast feeding mothers should not take the abortion kit to remove unwanted pregnancy as they may affect baby health.
  • The Abortion kit contains drowsy ingredients, so you are requested not to drive after the consumption of abortion pills.
  • Lifting heavy objects may be dangerous for your health.
  • If you have any disease like; kidney, liver, lungs, heart, then please do not take the abortion kit. These disorders may affect your health.
  • Maintain proper hygiene, take good diet, take proper rest during the treatment.
  • Do not take physical exercise if you are on Mifepristone or Misoprostol.

Reasons, why Abortion kit is the safest way to abort pregnancy?

  • Privacy is always the reason, why people use abortion pills.
  • It is less costly.
  • The abortion is as simple as the menstrual.
  • The pain is less and abortion is safe.
  • Infection is also the reason for which Abortion pills are used.
  • The entire process of a very short duration in the use of abortion pills.
  • The womb becomes as safe as it was before pregnancy and the lady has the same feeling as she was before pregnancy.

Side effects of Abortion kit

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are very heavy medicines and they cause some disadvantages and side effects to the health. So, if you have decided to go with Abortion kit, you should be cautious before taking. Following are the side effects of Abortion kit.

  • Abdomen pain and tenderness
  • Headache and nausea.
  • Bleeding with large blood clots.
  • White watery substance from the womb.
  • Lose motion and disturbed appetite.
  • Dizziness and back pain.

Advice of a doctor can be taken to get out of the pain otherwise pain killers are also a good option.

Where to buy Abortion kit?

You can buy abortion kit online at cheap price with fast shipping in USA and UK from our online pharmacy store, where this medicine is always available and your order will be shipped at your doorstep within a week.

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